Make Laughter a Priority

15 Feb 2023 8:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Greetings PAACH homeschooling families. I hope your family has started this year off well. This winter weather has been unusual, and the extreme temperature roller coaster has been frustrating for my family. Cloudy winter days can have a dramatic effect on moods and the overall atmosphere in your home. I want to encourage your family to find joy in the little things and to make laughter a daily goal in your home.

Remember that your main purpose in homeschool should be focused on discipleship and building relationships. Repetitive routines have their benefits, but so do spontaneous breaks. Look for opportunities in both to enjoy something together with each child. Look for what sparks their interest or gets them excited, and find a way to explore it with them. Sharing in their excitement is a great way to bond with them and encourage learning. These moments are also good times to talk with them about God’s design in creation.

I also want to encourage you to make laughter a priority in your home. Finding humor in everyday life has many benefits. Laughter can change a mood or the whole atmosphere in your home. Life is stressful and hard at times, and laughter can renew strength to endure (Neh 8:10) or bring healthy release in a tense situation. Laughing with your children and delighting in them makes you more like your Heavenly Father who “rejoices over you” and “takes delight in you” as well. (Zeph 3:17) Learn to enjoy your kids’ uniqueness. God has designed each of them with different character traits, abilities, and interests. Help them to see that God likes them because He made them who they are. Help them find their identity as His child, and to find safety and comfort in their relationships with Him and with you. Laughter is a valuable discipleship tool.

The PAACH board desires to help and support you throughout your homeschooling journey. We also desire to help you disciple your children by providing encouragement, wisdom, and resources that will enable you to be godly parents who lead your children toward Christ. We pray that your family learns together, grows together with others in community, and glorifies Christ in everything you do.

James Cox

James Cox
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